2024 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Empolis

View From the Top by Andreas Klüter CEO

As a global specialist in AI-based industrial knowledge applications, Empolis has developed a standard product that combines the performance and simplicity of Generative AI with proven, knowledge-based AI processes: the Empolis Buddy.

As a digital colleague, the Empolis Buddy offers unparalleled benefits by knowing everything the company knows and assisting employees, partners, and customers in their daily work, providing reliable answers and finding the right solutions to complex problems.

The Empolis Buddy is based on a combination of proven AI technologies, enhanced by the latest generative AI methods such as large language models. This makes Empolis Buddy one of the first SaaS standard products to generate reliable answers based on your comprehensive knowledge databases.

The Empolis Buddy is the productivity booster for production, sales, customer service, consulting, technical writing, design, management, and public administration.

The Empolis Buddy supports users to find the right answers to their questions and problems. It is an expert in your domain and has access to knowledge and documents available in your organization. This means that even users with little expertise can find the right solution quickly and efficiently.

Your benefits:

  • Trustworthy AI: Providing secure information based on AI.
  • Transparency: Traceable with indication of information sources.
  • Knowledge models and ontologies: Comprehensive representation of company-specific logics.
  • Extended by semantic AI processes: Jump to knowledge portals, guided error dialogs, and diagnostics.
  • Out-of-the-box: Works with all knowledge articles in just a few minutes.
  • Ideal integration: API-first approach for connection to ticket systems, websites, apps, etc.

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