2024 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Onymos

View From the Top by Shiva Nathan CEO & Founder

Before I started Onymos, I considered if I, the head of platforms and services engineering at a Fortune 500 company, would stake any of my company’s applications on software components from another company? The answer was no. When I dug deep into my reasoning, it boiled down to just one thing: trust. I trust my own engineers’ work more than any other company. I can see the software code my team creates. I can test it. I can verify it. That extends to our infrastructure, too. If our data is stored in our cloud or our servers, I know how it’s being secured. I know it is being secured. That’s why the SaaS model is broken. Today, most organizations are relying on code they can’t see and giving up the data they should control.

But when you use Onymos, we "see no data, save no data." All of our software runs inside your infrastructure—and you can license the actual source code. You’re never locked in, your data is never exposed, and you can customize the platform just like if your team had built it themselves.

The Onymos digital transformation platform includes solutions for intelligent document processing, the Internet of Things, and app development.

Our customers, like Albertsons, CVS, and Vapotherm, get to production 6x faster and at a lower cost vs other vendors’ estimate. Together, we’re transforming digital transformation.