2024 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Progress

View From the Top by Todd Wright Senior Product Marketing Manager, Progress

Seamless Access to All Your Data

Progress® DataDirect® is a leader in the data connectivity space, facilitating seamless access to diverse data sources for organizations across various industries.

Why Organizations Partner with Progress DataDirect:

Data Connectivity for BI and Operational Initiatives: DataDirect establishes connections between applications and a wide range of data sources, including databases, data warehouses, cloud storage platforms, and big data repositories. This allows organizations to access and leverage data assets regardless of where they reside. Organizations can easily connect their BI tools to diverse data sources, enabling smooth data access and integration for analytics, reporting, and decision-making purposes.

Optimized Performance: DataDirect optimizes data access methods and query processing to support high performance, even when dealing with large volumes of data. By minimizing latency and maximizing throughput, DataDirect enables swift and efficient data retrieval and analysis.

Scalability: DataDirect is designed to scale alongside the growing data needs of organizations. Whether handling increasing data volumes, supporting a larger user base, or accommodating new data sources, DataDirect can adapt to meet evolving requirements without compromising performance or reliability.

Security and Compliance: DataDirect prioritizes data security and compliance via robust encryption, authentication, and authorization mechanisms.

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