View From the Top by Bryan Harris, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, SAS

SAS Viya is a cloud-native data and AI platform designed to revolutionize the work of users across industries as they solve business challenges. Offering unparalleled speed and productivity, SAS Viya introduces AI-based automation and embedded best practices tailored to meet the unique requirements and skills of diverse teams.

The SAS Viya platform empowers organizations to efficiently transform the data from critical queries into trusted decisions through AI innovation. SAS Viya can help automate tasks, govern decisions, and deploy every type of model quickly in an all-in-one platform that provides everything users need.

Whether customers need to develop an API-first strategy, develop data management workflows, or integrate models across their ecosystem, Viya provides full open source interoperability, traceability and lineage. For those who have used SAS coding, Viya supports using open source languages,
including Python or R, directly with SAS or integrating SAS into applications using REST APIs. For developers, SAS repositories on GitHub provide code examples, libraries and tools.

As the pioneer of data and AI, SAS always cuts through the hype and delivers innovative technology that helps our customers solve the challenges of today and prepare for tomorrow.

SAS Viya