2024 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Satori

View From the Top by Eldad Chai is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Satori

Satori is a data security platform that allows data teams to enable their users to go fast with data while keeping security and compliance requirements at bay. Satori users gain unified data governance through automatic and continuous sensitive data discovery, classification and tagging across all databases, data lakes, and data warehouses. Data teams can then easily apply security policies and grant users access to data.

Data teams benefit from Satori’s simplicity and ease of implementation, which in turn helps companies win with data and become AI-ready faster. With Satori, data teams are always aware of sensitive data locations and apply security and masking policies at scale on both analytics and operational
data. This enables data teams to reduce the time and resources required to implement appropriate security requirements, like data masking and row-level security, so that users gain quick but secure and compliant temporary access to data.

Satori’s temporary access to data helps data and analytics teams to go fast with data. Data teams can issue their users immediate access to data. Users can go to the data portal and choose the dataset they need to work with. Satori’s data portal enhances data teams’ ability to provide their organizations with quality data fast, data sharing, collaboration, and building data products through secure and automated access to data.

Satori’s Data Security Platform helps data teams win with data by automating security, access, and compliance. With Satori’s secure and automated access to data, businesses accelerate projects such as cloud data migration, data modernization, and compliance. Companies can also define fine-grained policies that govern access to data and maintain data privacy and confidentiality, even in highly regulated industries such as healthcare and finance. Self-service access (with Slack, Jira, and other integrations) and just-in-time access controls are key features that significantly increase productivity for data, security, and analytics teams and data customers.

Data teams love Satori’s data compliance because they can meet these requirements effortlessly and focus on other projects. Satori discovers sensitive data, determines who can access it, and collects data activity across data technologies. This ensures your organization remains secure and compliant without taxing data teams’ resources and time.

Satori simplifies secure data management, to learn more about how Satori can help with your data security needs book a demo with one of our experts.