2024 VIEW FROM THE TOP: SingleStore

View From the Top by Raj Verma is the Chief Executive Officer of SingleStore

Generative AI requires single-digit speed, petabyte-scale with millisecond response times. Successfully adopting this groundbreaking technology comes with choosing the right data platform—one designed from first principles on these tenets, utilizing a multi-hybrid model. SingleStore is the world’s only real-time data platform that can read, write and reason on petabyte-scale data in a few milliseconds. This, plus support for both transactions and analytics, horizontal scalability and hybrid vector search capabilities make it an ideal choice to push the boundaries of generative AI. SingleStore helps deliver 10-100x better performance at 1/3 the costs compared to legacy architectures. Hundreds of customers including Fortune 500 companies use SingleStore to power real-time applications and analytics. The company surpassed $100M in ARR at the end of 2023 and was recognized with five 2024 TrustRadius Top Rated Awards, including recognition in Vector Databases. Learn more and start for free today.