Big Data Trailblazer: Ontotext

Ontotext helps organizations turn data into a competitive advantage, enhancing information access through its semantic knowledge graph technology designed to unite diverse data sources for more informed decision making.

Big Data Trailblazer by Atanas Kiryakov, CEO & Founder

ONTOTEXT HELPS ENTERPRISES connect the dots of their knowledge and gain trustworthy insights across diverse data sources. According to Gartner, graph technologies will drive most data innovations by 2025. For organizations looking to develop AI and ML initiatives, our semantic knowledge graph platform enables a data foundation that helps drive greater outcomes. Knowledge graphs establish a machine-readable contract about the meaning of the data and this way enables standardized data exchange, efficient data discovery, seamless integration, and accurate interpretation. Our graph database engine uses AI to put data in context and deliver deeper insights by interlinking information across silos and enriching it with external domain knowledge. For over 15 years, we have helped leaders across different industries (including top-50 global banks, S&P, Roche, Johnson Controls, and Financial Times) solve mission-critical data challenges. Ontotext has developed a global ecosystem of 20+ partners and secured growth funding to deliver next-generation knowledge and data management solutions at scale.