Product Spotlight: AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a broad portfolio of fully managed purpose-built databases and among these is Amazon MemoryDB, a Redis-compatible, durable, in-memory database service for ultra-fast performance.

MemoryDB is a primary database for applications that require:

  • ultra-fast performance
  • strong consistency
  • high availability
  • durable storage

Built on open source (OSS) Redis, MemoryDB provides a fast, flexible, and developer-friendly database that enterprises can use to quickly operationalize their data at in-memory speeds to address their customer’s needs. Fully compatible with OSS Redis APIs, customers can leverage Redis data structures and familiar commands. While storing and retrieving data from an in-memory system like OSS Redis can be extremely fast, typically a microsecond-scale operation, durability and consistency guarantees cannot be achieved. However, MemoryDB offers durability and strong consistency. MemoryDB can also process up to 13 trillion requests per day, which is over 160 million requests processed per second.

MemoryDB has an unique architecture that helps achieve strong consistency and durability for Redis workloads. Customers can store data durably with in-memory storage that uses a Multi-AZ transactional log to provide durability instead of writing to the local storage of the Redis nodes. This achieves durability, replication, and strong consistency for fast database recovery and restart.

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