Product Spotlight: Actian

Emma McGrattan SVP Engineering Actian

Actian Avalanche: Fully Managed Cloud Data Warehouse for High Performance Operational Analytics

Actian Avalanche Hybrid Cloud Data Warehouse is a vectorized, MPP, ANSI SQL compliant, RDBMS that runs on Google, Amazon, and Azure cloud platforms. Avalanche has a cloud native architecture which leverages Kubernetes for orchestration. It’s a low-touch, Cloud Data Warehouse Service that can be directly used by business analysts, data engineers, data scientists, or power-users to pull hundreds of terabytes of disparate and diverse data into a single cloud data warehouse, run sub-second queries and advanced analytics and then visualize and report, leveraging most popular BI & Analytics tools. Avalanche has cracked the code on supporting real-time updates without noticeably impacting the performance of running queries, making it ideal for operational analytics workloads.

Avalanche provides the best price-performance against Snowflake, Synapse, Redshift, and Big Query per 3rd party benchmarks by GigaOM. Avalanche retains and grows its price performance advantage for analytics workloads from 1 to 100 TB as you scale up data size and concurrent use. Avalanche provides for separation of storage and compute and elastically scales up and down as business needs change, so you pay only for what you use.

Avalanche has built-in, self-service data integration with pre-built connectors to popular apps including Salesforce, SAP, and Oracle, DB environments, and drag-and-drop menus for web service APIs, JSON objects, flat files, and more. It also provides native integration with S3, ADLS, and GCS. Avalanche can be used with popular BI tools including Looker, Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI, Business Objects, Microstrategy, ThoughtSpot, and many more.