Product Spotlight: Aerospike

Brian Bulkowski, Founder and CTO


Aerospike is trusted by leading enterprises around the world to help them confidently deploy mission-critical, strategic operational applications that make digital transformation possible. Aerospike’s vision is to make it easy and affordable for companies of all sizes to build next-generation data systems like those built internally by the largest internet-scale companies like Google and Facebook.

Our enterprise-grade database is deployable anywhere, delivers unmatched uptime, predictable performance, and exceptionally low TCO. Aerospike has customer deployments that have run for years with no service disruption, handling hundreds of terabytes of data, supporting trillions of transactions per month, with sub-millisecond latency.

Aerospike is used in Financial Services, Banking, Telecommunications, Technology, Retail, E-commerce, Adtech, Martech and Online Gaming. Powered by a patented Hybrid Memory Architecture™ and autonomic cluster management, the Aerospike database is ideal for Fraud Prevention, Digital Wallet, Online Brokerage, Telco Charging & Billing, Messaging & Chat, Recommendation Engines, Real-Time Bidding, and other applications that require the highest possible uptime, performance and scale.

Aerospike customers include Adobe, Airtel, FlipKart, Kayak, Nielsen, Nokia, and Snap.