Product Spotlight: Ahana

Dipti Borkar Cofounder and Chief Product Officer

We’re delighted that Ahana Cloud for Presto is named in the DBTA 2021 List of Trend Setting Products.

Ahana Cloud for Presto is the first cloud-native managed service for Presto on AWS, giving customers SQL on their S3 data lake with complete control and visibility of clusters and their data. Presto was originally created by Facebook who open sourced and donated the project to Linux Foundation’s Presto Foundation. Since then it has massively grown in popularity with data platform teams of all sizes. With Ahana Cloud, the power of Presto is now accessible to any data team of any size and skill level. By abstracting
away the complexities of deployment, configuration, and management, platform teams can now deploy ‘self-service’ Presto for open data lake analytics as well as analytics on a range of other data sources.

Ahana Cloud brings a SaaS open source analytics option to users with Presto at its core, using open formats and open interfaces. Users are looking for analytics without being locked-in to proprietary data warehouses, and with Ahana Cloud for Presto they get the flexibility of an Open Data Lake Analytics stack with a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) pricing model through the AWS Marketplace. Before Ahana, engineering cycles could take weeks and even months to get something like Presto into production. That time is dramatically reduced to just hours, which is incredibly powerful.