Product Spotlight: BackOffice Associates

Rex Ahlstrom, Chief Strategy and Technology Officer

BackOffice Associates

On behalf of the BackOffice Associates team worldwide, it is an honor to accept DBTA’s recognition of our Information Governance Cloud solution for its Trend-Setting Products for 2019. As many of today’s leading global enterprises undergo digital transformations, they are also embarking on a data transformation as they shift onto cloud-based business suites and must manage more structured and unstructured data than ever before. As the pace and complexity of doing business is accelerating exponentially, having reliable, business-ready data available across the full enterprise system landscape is critical to remain competitive.

With these evolving market dynamics in mind, BackOffice Associates developed Information Governance Cloud to help organizations to get more value from their vast amounts of data by validating its accuracy and relevancy, as well as using it to drive key business outcomes. The solution crowdsources contributions and knowledge from business and data experts with guidance from artificial intelligence and machine learning to yield trusted data.

Empowering business and IT stakeholders alike, Information Governance Cloud offers the ability to comprehensively set and enforce data policies across an enterprise through smart automation. By using Information Governance Cloud, organizations can define and streamline operational policies and business rules for data, align them with the organization’s overall business strategies, and oversee policy enforcement across all systems including BackOffice Associates’ Data Stewardship Platform™.

As the industry continues to expand, BackOffice Associates remains committed to delivering innovative solutions like Information Governance Cloud, which harness the power of information governance, allowing business users to use their data to execute on mission-critical business imperatives.

BackOffice Associates