Product Spotlight: BlueData

Kumar Sreekanti
Co-Founder and CEO

BlueData AI / ML Accelerator

The promise of AI has been around for several decades, but AI only recently started to become more widely adopted in the enterprise. Now AI is being explored and implemented for digital transformation initiatives in nearly every industry—with the emergence of new open source tools for Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL), the immense volumes of data now available, and advances in high-performance data processing infrastructure.

But it is often difficult to build and deploy multi-node distributed environments for ML / DL pipelines in the enterprise—even for sandbox and dev/test use cases.

BlueData’s new turnkey software solution is designed to address this challenge, helping enterprises to accelerate their deployment of distributed ML and DL pipelines for AI use cases. The new BlueData AI / ML Accelerator solution provides:

  • Rapid deployment of multi-node containerized environments for distributed ML / DL
  • Ready-to-run Docker images for TensorFlow, SparkMLlib, Caffe2, BigDL, H2O, and more
  • Faster time-to-value with expert advice, professional services, training, and support

With BlueData, enterprises can get up and running quickly with distributed ML / DL applications for a wide range of AI use cases—either on-premises or in the public cloud. Fully-configured multi-node environments can be provisioned in minutes, with self-service and automation.

Now data scientists and developers can rapidly build prototypes, experiment, and iterate with their preferred ML / DL tools. And their IT teams can ensure enterprise-grade security, data protection, and performance—with elasticity, flexibility, and scalability in a multi-tenant architecture.

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