Product Spotlight: Bradmark Technologies

Edward Stangler R&D, Product Manager, Surveillance

Bradmark Technologies, Inc.


Enterprises are mixing cloud and on-premises infrastructure in ways that make sense for them. Multiple vendors and products provide a marketplace for cloud options, and many are moving into providing that same level of competition, convenience, and cost control in the on-premises arena.

Performance monitoring solutions need to handle this mix of infrastructure, as well as the distributed nature (technical and logical) of many businesses across geographic zones. At the same time, businesses are – now more than ever ¬– needing to provide compliance with ever-growing security and privacy requirements across the globe.

Optimum Visibility Across Your Growing IT Infrastructure Mix

Bradmark’s Surveillance DB™ for enterprise environments provides the most comprehensive, cross-functional capabilities including: real-time monitor¬ing, proactive event management, flashback/time-slicing, alarming & alerting and SQL performance analysis – with support across SAP-Sybase, MS-SQL Server, Oracle, Informix and DB2 databases running on UNIX, Linux and Windows servers.

Surveillance DB supports your growing IT infrastructure by providing:

Seamless integration between cloud-accessible monitoring and on-premises (or cloud) databases. Quickly provide secure global web access to performance monitoring resources in data centers, whether it’s in-house or remote locations. Surveillance DB bridges the gap.

Access to local, distributed recent history across many sites. Utilizing three-tier, distributed metric data, Surveillance DB provides quick local access to recent history, without using WAN bandwidth or having contention on centrally-located resources. So, if there are many sites ¬– such as retail store locations or business organizational units – many key metrics (Top SQL, CPU, Disk I/O, and much more) are available from the recent past (yesterday, last week, or a few weeks ago) using data that is stored locally at each site, rather than having to query a central database repository over the network.

More reports for compliance. Surveillance DB produces reports – large or small - to track SQL, bad logins, and much more, to satisfy security and privacy requirements.

Into the future, alerts augmented with machine learning and reactive feedback promise to ensure that global infrastructures are managed efficiently and effectively. With Surveillance DB, good alerts turn into important details, and important details turn into faster solutions for problems.

Bradmark Technologies, Inc.