Product Spotlight: CData Software

At CData Software, we specialize in the democratization of business data to propel BI and analytics insights. Our simple, yet powerful approach to data connectivity empowers citizen integrators, data engineers, business analysts, and IT teams of any size to take control of data on their terms.

CData makes it easy to connect, integrate, and automate enterprise data, allowing your organization to garner critical insights from every corner of the business. Our platform is designed to enable anyone to make the most of their data with easy-to-use and secure data connectivity solutions. Connect your Big Data, BI, analytics, low-code, and ETL tools to live data from 250+ popular enterprise data sources, including on-premises and cloud applications, relational and NoSQL databases, web APIs, and more. CData empowers IT, data analysts, and lines of business to make the most of their organizational data with easy-to-use, powerful, and secure data connectivity software.

CData’s real-time connectivity solutions provide universal access to data, no matter where it lives. By simplifying data access, every stakeholder in an organization is empowered to work with the data they need without overtaxing IT teams or developers with one-off integrations. CData Drivers provide real-time data connectivity to virtually every analytics, reporting, lowcode and ETL platform, allowing organizations to lean on proven, SQL-based technologies to simplify the integration process, maintain connections, and save developers’ time and resources.

No matter what your organization’s needs to enable more robust and accessible business intelligence initiatives, the CData Platform can help you achieve your goals.

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