Product Spotlight: Cambridge Semantics

Steve Sarsfield, VP of Product

Cambridge Semantics

Today's most challenging analytics tasks center around the connections in the data. If you’re confronted with a difficult process when trying to create corporate knowledge graphs, understand buyer intent and influence, detect fraud or build a recommendation engine, a data warehouse style analytics solution that focuses on this type of connected analytics is imperative to your success. You need a graph database like AnzoGraph™ from Cambridge Semantics.

AnzoGraph is a native, Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) distributed Graph OLAP (GOLAP) database, providing fast advanced analytics at big data scale. Data analysts, enterprise architects and application developers can use AnzoGraph to build and execute data warehouse analytics, graph analytics and inferencing, all in one award-winning database. Graph OLAP databases offer better performance on deep, long-running queries when compared to graph OLTP databases like Neo4j, AWS Neptune and other OLTP systems.

AnzoGraph offers graph analytic functionality to enable new levels of data-driven insight to help drive new business opportunities, minimize costs and increase competitiveness. AnzoGraph is capable of loading, updating, querying and analyzing huge amounts of data at speeds up to 100x faster than other graph databases, and our benchmarks prove it.

AnzoGraph supports both labeled property graphs (using W3C RDF* proposed standard) and semantic graphs with advanced analytics functionality, including graph views, named queries, analytic/data mining/reporting functions, inferencing and conditional expressions. You can perform special graph functions like pagerank, shortest path, all paths and many more. It’s available now for a free download and trial.

AnzoGraph by Cambridge Semantics