Product Spotlight: Collibra

Jim Cushman Chief Product Officer

Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud

We’re thrilled that the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud, the system of engagement for data, has been named in the DBTA 2021 List of Trend Setting Products!

Built for the way business works, Collibra unites people and processes to help enterprise organizations find, organize, understand, trust and access the right data through an end-to-end platform with governance, privacy, catalog and lineage integrated in a single user experience. Collibra’s enterprise-grade capabilities offer full visibility across organizations’ data landscapes, increasing speed, quality and confidence in decision making.

Organizations can develop a trusted data foundation with Collibra Data Governance and Collibra Data Privacy, explore data further with Collibra Data Lineage and shop for data with Collibra Data Catalog, ultimately using Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud to access and refine an active metadata graph to deliver trusted business outcomes and meaningful business transformation.

  • Data Governance: Establish a shared business language for data assets, helping enterprises understand and find meaning in their data from a single source of agreed-upon truth
  • Data Catalog: Automate metadata management and cataloging of data assets from any source in a central place, allowing business users to quickly discover and understand data that matters to drive business value
  • Data Privacy: Operationalize and manage data privacy policies, collaborate on privacy policies in a central location and scale compliance across multiple regulations
  • Data Lineage: Automate data mapping from all sources at a granular level, providing complete transparency via business and technical lineage of how data sets are built, aggregated, sourced and used
  • Collibra Platform: Find meaning in your data and improve the quality of business decisions through a shared platform that allows IT and business users to collaborate and gain full visibility of the data ecosystem across the organization