Product Spotlight: Continuent

Eero Teerikorpi, CEO and Founder

Fortune 1000 SaaS, E-commerce, Financial Services, Gaming and Telco companies have thrived with us for over ten years; collectively today, Continuent customers use Tungsten Clustering to safeguard over $20 billion in annual revenue—with 100% satisfaction.

Organizations on a mission to provide the highest quality applications across geographic regions don’t have time to worry about the durability of their architecture foundation—ie. MySQL availability.

That’s why they use Tungsten clustering and replication, designed for multi-site, geographically-distributed data services, in the cloud, multi-cloud, on-premises and hybrid-cloud.

Tungsten is a superior MySQL HA/DR solution with plug-and-play ability; you can transform complex MySQL data services without application or infrastructure downtime or changes.

We recently asked customers why they would recommend Tungsten. There were a variety of responses, including:

  • “Excellent Support—Continuent truly cares about our success.”
  • “Reliability, Performance.”
  • “Ease of use.”
  • “As Scalable as it is Capable.”
  • “Multiple primaries (Active/Active) across multiple regions.”
  • “It just works,” “out of the box.”
And—“Tungsten is a complete solution”—complete with four fully-integrated key components:
  • Application Connectivity (database proxy)
  • Cluster Management (orchestration)
  • Managed Data Replication
  • Monitoring and Alerts
In Tungsten Clustering, these components have been developed and tested to work together seamlessly and ensure continuous MySQL or MariaDB operations.

And it includes unparalleled 24/7/365 Support from experts committed to your success—with no fine print.

Speaking of fine print, Tungsten often has the lowest TCO, less than 1/3 of the comparable solutions and services.

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