Product Spotlight: Continuent Tungsten Cluster

Why VMware Replaced Galera Cluster with Continuent Tungsten Cluster

MySQL is an excellent database for business-critical web applications, yet does not have native robust HA, DR, or Geo-Scale capabilities. There are various opensource tools to augment MySQL availability and 24/7 continuous operations needs, but most of them fall short.

VMware needed to scale their MySQL infrastructure across multiple regions for global access. This, however, proved to be impossible with their existing open source based Galera (aka MariaDB Cluster and XtraDB Cluster) deployment.

While Galera does provide HA for MySQL, it does not handle DR effortlessly, and it does not work for geographically distributed operations at all. Galera suffers from these limitations due to the nature of synchronous data replication it employs.

During the migration to Tungsten Cluster, VMware deployed multi-site clusters, with each cluster actively servicing incoming read and write requests and real-time replication between the clusters. VMware also gained ease of management for the entire deployment using the provided command line tools and included browser-based GUI.

In addition to HA, DR, and geo-scale deployments, VMware gained the ability to perform “Zero Downtime Maintenance” with Tungsten Cluster. They upgraded their MySQL infrastructure from version 5.7 to 8.0 with no downtime or interruption to their applications.

Leveraging the included intelligent MySQL Proxy — Tungsten Connector — VMware implemented “Smart Scale” for improved performance.

Read the complete VMware case study here.

Tungsten Clusters power many high-value SaaS apps and web properties such as Adobe Sign, Marketo, Carfax, and MyGarmin. Tungsten also secures sensitive EMR data at Modernizing Medicine. Every day for various customers, Tungsten Clusters handle billions of marketing analytics events and millions of credit card transactions, all backed by experienced engineers available within a few minutes’ notice via our 24/7 Support.