Product Spotlight: DBI Software

Ousama Shamma, CEO


Thank you, DBTA, for this distinct honor, and for the opportunity to share a few words about what makes DBI Software’s pureFeat™ Performance Management Suite for IBM DB2 LUW distinctively different.

In a word, INNOVATION, with the DBI Database Score that depicts the health of the database, the Predictive Index Impact Analysis that helps DBAs and Managers ascertain the anticipated impacts of index changes so that tuning can be made confidently and efficiently, and the Advanced Index Benefit Analysis, which helps DBA teams assess the true value of DB2 recommended indexes. All this, combined with DBI’s patented DB2 performance analysis capability that finds root cause problems in one click plus the industry’s best trend charts and performance comparisons, provides a complete, easy to use, solution that delivers exceptional measurable results for DBI’s worldwide customers.

DBI can give you many more references in retail, banking, finance, insurance, government, health care, and others than you’ll have time to call. We’ve saved a health care company $250,000 in one afternoon, solved a performance problem in two hours that two senior DBAs were unable to solve in six months, and we’ve helped top brand-name retailers achieve top ranked e-commerce performance on Black Friday multiple years in a row.

We all know what a great “AHA!” moment feels like. The best way to truly understand how DBI can help you is to EXPERIENCE the advanced performance analytics for yourself via a free evaluation. Your “AHA!” moment awaits you!

DBI Software