Product Spotlight: DataStax

Jonathan Ellis, Chief Technology Officer

Cloud infrastructure over the past few years has gone from a competitive advantage for early adopters to the default mainstream option. As cloud adoption has increased, developers have started to insist on the flexibility to choose the cloud service provider best suited for their applications. Apache Cassandra™ is unique as it can run across multiple cloud providers or a combination of internal IT and external cloud-based resources, as one seamless, globally distributed database. With more companies thinking about how to best take advantage of hybrid- and multi-cloud strengths, Cassandra will play a big role in running modern applications at scale with the constant uptime and performance required in today’s business climate.

To help developers through the transition to hybrid- and multi-, DataStax makes it easy to get started with a distributed cloud database and delivers a better experience for database deployment, management, and development.

Earlier this year, DataStax announced DataStax Apollo, a new Database as a Service (DBaaS), which makes it fast and easy to deploy a Cassandra-based database while radically simplifying and accelerating application development and significantly reducing operational complexity. Developers can try Apollo today via a free beta.

Along with the Apollo service, DataStax delivers a high standard of expert support backed by the world’s foremost experts in Cassandra and distributed database systems. In 2020, we will continue to deliver additional products that make building modern apps easier for developers.