Product Spotlight: DataStax

We’re thrilled that DataStax’s fully managed SaaS Apache Pulsar solution Astra Streaming has been named in the DBTA 2022 List of Trend Setting Products!

Astra Streaming is a modern, multi-cloud messaging and event streaming cloud service powered by Apache Pulsar™ that represents the industry’s only multi-cloud event streaming SaaS. Together with DataStax’s Astra DB database-as-a-service, it gives any organization an open source, multi-cloud stack for managing both data in motion and data at rest, and can operate independently of and/or integrated with Astra DB. Astra Streaming’s underlying technology is based on Apache Pulsar, which offers substantial architectural benefits over competing technologies such as Apache Kafka that makes it better suited for a cloud native operational approach based on Kubernetes.

When combined with the industry’s first and only open, multi-cloud serverless database, DataStax Astra DB, Astra Streaming enables users to easily build real time data pipelines in and out of their Astra DB instances for modern data-driven applications. It was built to handle the most stringent availability, scalability, and latency requirements in scenarios such as real-time fraud detection, personalized customer experiences, and payment processing.

Astra Streaming supports customers looking to meet their requirements for use cases around digital experiences, IoT, operational ML, real time analytics, and more. It boasts features that shatter traditional methods, and supports DataStax’s aim to deliver the modern database of the future.