Product Spotlight: Datawatch

Michael Rowley, Director Global Product Marketing

Datawatch Angoss

Datawatch Angoss is a global leader in delivering advanced analytics to businesses looking to monetize data with a focus on logistics, risk, marketing and sales. Datawatch Angoss removes the complexity inherent to predictive analytics and machine learning by offering a platform that is both intuitive to use and rich in features. These features include intuitive workflows with drag-and-drop functionality that train, test and deploy predictive models for quicker time-to-insight in model outputs.

KnowledgeSTUDIO for Apache Spark provides a productivity tool for Spark users, allowing them to interact with Spark via a graphical user interface to generate error-free code that may be used in production scripts. Data science teams that are modeling in a Big Data environment and outside of it can use Angoss Knowledge-STUDIO for Apache Spark to efficiently build analytic workflows using datasets of all sizes. It effectively leverages Apache Spark’s ability to operate on datasets with extremely large numbers of records, while improving SparkSQL and SparkML queries on datasets that have thousands of columns. Very small datasets can also be efficiently included in Spark analytical workflows. Support for Hive, Parquet, and distributed CSV is also featured.

Leading global organizations in financial services, insurance, retail and technology rely on Datawatch Angoss to grow revenue, increase sales productivity and improve marketing effectiveness while reducing risk and cost. Datawatch Angoss solutions include scenario comparison, cloud-based model deployment and real-time scoring, and sentiment data analytics to capture trending conversations about consumer brands and product.

Datawatch Angoss