Product Spotlight: Delphix

Eric Schrock, CTO


Today’s modern businesses need efficient, secure access to data to innovate faster to keep pace with consumers demands and avoid disruption.

An overwhelming majority of Fortune 1000 executives fear disruption from nimble, data-driven competitors, and say the inability to be agile and compete on data is the most pressing challenge facing their business today. Their fear is not unwarranted. Over the last decade, nearly three-quarters of Fortune 1000 companies have been replaced, despite aggressive investments in software to fend-off more agile, tech-savvy competitors.

Access to data for business is no longer a forward- thinking trend, it’s a prerequisite to survival in today’s fast-moving market. However, data “friction” can keep companies from moving fast while prioritizing security. Just one data breach can cause profound damage to corporate reputations and customer perceptions. Businesses are under tremendous pressure to deliver data for innovation while protecting it from crippling security breaches.

At Delphix, our mission is to solve these pain points by eliminating data friction. As the critical foundation for any strong DataOps strategy, we provide automated, secure, self-service access to data for the people who need it to drive innovation and business agility. The Delphix Dynamic Data Platform virtualizes and secures data to make it lightweight and accessible for the people and teams who need it, regardless of their size.

Hundreds of the largest and most valuable brands in the world depend on Delphix to accelerate the time to market for their key initiatives, and greatly enhance the quality of their offerings, including one-third of Fortune 100 companies.