Product Spotlight: Denodo

Ravi Shankar Chief Marketing Officer

Denodo Technologies

Data Virtualization

Organizations are moving data to the cloud, driven by efficiencies of scale; reductions in the total cost of hardware, software, and the entire IT infrastructure; flexible, usage-based payment structures; and the ability to provision new IT capabilities in minutes rather than months.

Migrating data from on-premises systems requires a certain amount of downtime, however, and many organizations are discovering that their employees’, customers’ and partners’ tolerance for downtime is rapidly approaching zero. Such organizations need a multilocation architecture, which is a data architecture that enables access to both on-premises and cloud systems simultaneously. With a multilocation architecture, migrations can take place without downtime, and without users’ knowledge that a migration has taken place.

Multilocation architectures enable location transparency and data abstraction, and as such they support the world’s most advanced data infrastructures. Beyond hybrid on-premises/cloud environments, multilocation architectures also support environments that extend across multiple cloud providers. Such environments may leverage AWS for some applications, Azure for others, and Google cloud Cloud for still others, including emerging AI applications.

The Denodo Platform supports multilocation architecture through data virtualization, which enables real-time data integration between on-premises systems and cloud systems, or between different cloud systems, all without moving the data. Data virtualization establishes a universal data access layer between the sources. To access the data, no matter where it resides, a user or consuming application simply needs to access the data virtualization layer, which gets a view of the requested data in real time. The Denodo Platform provides the most advanced data virtualization solution, enabling all the benefits of a modern multilocation architecture.

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