Product Spotlight: Denodo

Ravi Shankar, Senior VP & Chief Marketing Officer

As data explodes in volume and variety across many systems, devices, and locations, organizations are embracing logical approaches to integrating the data. These firms do understand the benefit of having all data in one place to perform data discovery, view relationships and associations among data, and understand the effect of one set of data upon another for gaining critical insights. However, they approach this centralization by leaving the data where they reside and “connecting” to them, rather than “collecting” them by moving the data into a yet another central repository.

Data fabric subscribes to this logical notion of stitching together data from sundry siloed sources within a distributed data management system—namely on-premises, cloud, and edge—without the necessity to duplicate or transfer data to the centralized spot for utilization. Some of the main advantages of a data fabric architecture are scalability, unified data view, secure access and control, data visibility, and quick business insights.

Data virtualization is a core technology in the data fabric architecture. It presents integrated and secure access to current and historical data across the enterprise, irrespective of their location, format, or latency, enabling real-time and dynamic use cases.

The Denodo Platform is a trend-setter in data virtualization, offering unparalleled data fabric capabilities in artificial intelligence and machine learning applications and powering data science projects through accelerated query performance, dynamic data catalog, and in-memory parallel processing.