Product Spotlight: Denodo

Ravi Shankar Senior VP & Chief Marketing Officer

With the exploding complexity of new data types and the growing volumes of data, companies are increasingly interested in logical data fabric as a new way to make data available for analytics and data services. It has proven to be time-consuming, complex, and fragile to centralize data into data warehouses and data lakes, and this strategy results in many fragmented copies of data while requiring continuous IT attention. Cloud data warehouses can address these challenges, but they still require many data pipelines, and they may not support real-time data.

A complete logical data fabric solution is built on data virtualization and includes a data catalog assisted by artificial intelligence (AI) to make it easier for analysts and data scientists to discover data. Modern data fabrics fully embrace the cloud as well as hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. Logical data fabric provides the foundation for a logical data warehouse, the modern data warehouse solution that can seamlessly connect to disparate, geographically distributed data sources.

The logical part of the logical data warehouse relies on logical data fabric and data virtualization to provide a logical representation of all data assets, integrated, and deliver them in real time, rather than combining and copying them into new data repositories before they can be used.

The Denodo Platform is a trend-setting solution as it combines data virtualization with an AI-powered, active data catalog, with cloud support, to enable logical data fabrics in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.