Product Spotlight: Denodo Technologies

Alberto Pan,

Data Virtualization

In today’s Fortune 500 companies, all business decisions need to be supported by data. Therefore, the big data revolution should have been a blessing: the ability to store almost unlimited amounts of data, coupled with increasingly sophisticated data analysis and visualization tools, were supposed to make data-driven decisions more widespread and powerful than ever.

Nevertheless, this promise is far from fulfilled. Information relevant for analytics is typically distributed in hundreds of data silos using different data models, query languages and security mechanisms. ETL-based integration architectures are simply too slow and costly to address this challenge. As a result, making data accessible to the business in a form that they can understand and use becomes excruciatingly slow.

Logical analytics architectures based on the Denodo Platform for Data Virtualization provide a way out from this dead-end. The Denodo Platform allows creating virtual data views across multiple data sources, which appear to the business analyst as if they came from a single system with a consistent data model and query language, and using business terminology instead of technical jargon. The Denodo Platform also allows exposing different logical views over the same data adapted to different business units and types of users. Because logical architectures do not require data replication, this is much faster and cheaper than using traditional techniques.

The Denodo Platform also provides a single entry point to apply security and governance policies across multiple data sources, and abstracts consuming users and applications from all the changes in the underlying IT infrastructure. All the major industry analysts have already extensively documented and quantified these advantages, and more and more companies are doing the move every day. Time to move to the next generation of analytics architectures!