Product Spotlight: Denodo Technologies

Ravi Shankar Senior VP & Chief Marketing Officer

In today’s world we see a rising complexity and a variety of data. Organizations are realizing that there is no single solution that fits all the data storage, data integration and data management requirements. More often than not, enterprise data is distributed across on-premises and/or cloud data lakes, data warehouses and other enterprise data stores, and at times as real-time data streams. It results in data silos that are difficult to access, manage, govern and secure in a centralized fashion. As a result, organizations end up adopting various data architectures to help manage this data chaos. Two of the more popular approaches are data fabric or data mesh architectures. Data virtualization is the only technology that abstracts underlying complexity of data silos from business users, so that data-driven business continues uninterrupted, while IT can move the data around as they see fit.

Data virtualization is the only data integration approach that is equally relevant in creating a logical data fabric or in creating a data mesh, combining all of your data into a single user-friendly view.

The Denodo Platform connects, combines and allows for consumption of data across any data source in a logical manner. One of the key attributes of the Denodo Platform is the ability to provide an intelligent data catalog powered by AI to make it easier for data analysts and data scientists to explore, discover and share data, bringing data democratization to the business users.

Finally, the Denodo Platform can easily expose data for consumption through a wide variety of BI, analytics, data science and other tools, using an extensive suite of connectivity protocols as well as easy to use APIs.

Denodo Technologies