Product Spotlight: Diamanti

Jeff Chou,
CEO and Founder

Container Converged Platform

In 2014, the founders of Diamanti set out to operationalize the new enterprise application form factor: containers. Linux containers are taking off with developers, but moving the application from development on a laptop to production in the datacenter is a huge IT challenge that virtualization platforms are not designed to handle. The challenges include planning, tool selection, integration into the network,persistent storage, and everything else it takes to run the infrastructure after Day 1.

Diamanti believes that more and more companies will migrate to a containers on bare metal architecture to take advantage of the performance and cost benefits over running containers on VMs. Diamanti offers the first container platform with plug and play network and persistent storage that seamlessly integrates the most widely-adopted software stack—standard open source Kubernetes and Docker—so there is no vendor lock-in. QoS on network and storage maximizes container density. 24x7 support also allows you to focus on building applications instead of building and supporting the infrastructure.

Diamanti has raised $36 million in funding from leadinginvestors that include CRV, DFJ, GSR, Northgate Capital, Translink Capital, and Goldman Sachs. At NBCUniversal, Diamanti increased application performance without code changes and allowed the media company to consolidate
infrastructure while automating containerized application deployment by its development team. At MemSQL, Diamanti delivered operational automation for isolating workloads and storage volumes, workload prioritization with guaranteed performance, and rapid simulation of storage and networking scenarios for MemSQL test and development infrastructure.