Product Spotlight: Empolis

Stefan Wess, CEO


With the cloud-based solution Empolis Service Express, technical customer service is successfully digitized immediately, with no large investments. Empolis Service Express provides global, scalable access to distributed service information for service personnel, partners, and customers. Empolis Service Express uniquely combines intelligent search and guided troubleshooting based on artificial intelligence.

Magical service moments are created with Empolis Service Express, therefore allowing service staff to deliver excellent customer service and become real service heroes. They have access to all relevant service information with a single action, distributed across a wide range of tools. They find the right information immediately, even in large documents. All employees share their experiences quickly and easily with their colleagues and always have the full range of information available online and offline.

Integrated analytics tools instantly make it clear where problems exist, how customers can be assisted and taps into the potential for improvement. Thus, information quality is continuously enhanced.

Empolis Service Express is also available as a mobile service app for smartphone or tablet assistance for support field technicians as they conduct their service appointments. Since the app has full offline capability, all relevant information and the company’s entire service knowledge can be accessed on site, at any time, without an internet connection. All of this, in an instant, free of tedious data input, simply by selecting options or via voice commands, supported by comprehensive ergonomic design and user guidance. The Empolis Service Express mobile app is available in the app store.