Product Spotlight: Empolis

Empolis’ standardized SaaS products uses artificial intelligence to unlock business-critical knowledge and make the right information available in the right place, at the right time.

Empolis Service Express® is the all-in-one platform for data-driven service and aftersales. A company’s entire service knowledge is brought together in a central knowledge hub and made available to service technicians, sales staff, technical writers, or end customers on a situational basis.

In the knowledge portal, users can access all relevant information securely and in seconds—regardless of where or in what format it is stored. Guided troubleshooting also enables new employees to solve complex problems quickly and independently. With the mobile field service app, the complete range of features can be used offline and remotely without limitations.

The knowledge of experts is the key to success for every service organization. With the feature “community and team knowledge” you unleash this wealth of knowledge and make it available to all colleagues in the team. In case of complex challenges, the app identifies all those experts who could contribute to a solution. It automatically creates a problem-based chatroom, in which they can then work out an answer. Once the problem is marked as “solved,” the newly found solution can directly be adopted in your knowledge base or can be revised by a defined group of experts first. With this feature, you master the challenge of “user-generated-content” without your employees having to change their routines.