Product Spotlight: FairCom EDGE

FairCom EDGE makes it easy for developers to access sensor and machine data produced at the edge—whether it’s a factory, water treatment plant, oil platform, or wind farm. The world’s first converged IoT/Industrial IoT (IIoT) hub, FairCom EDGE is an all-in-one solution with built-in messaging, persistence, and analytics—complete with a browser-based UI.

It supports MQTT and OPC UA for machine-tomachine (M2M) communication, SQL for remote access and interactive analytics, and HTTP/REST for real-time monitoring. When provided the connection information for an OPC UA server, it continuously retrieves the latest data. Alternatively, machines and other connected devices can continuously publish messages directly to FairCom EDGE via MQTT. Either way, the data is automatically parsed and persisted to internal database tables and made accessible to developers via SQL and HTTP/REST.

FairCom EDGE has full support for Node-RED, both as a database and as an MQTT broker, enabling developers to build IoT/IIoT edge applications visually and with less code. In addition, developers can take advantage of FairCom EDGE’s built-in web server to create and deploy IoT/IIoT applications at the edge using HTML, JavaScript, and its REST API. FairCom EDGE runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS, and on Intel or ARM processors (x86 or x64). It requires minimal resources, and runs on everything from Raspberry Pis to industrial edge gateways. FairCom EDGE is available to download for free, and includes a developer license.

FairCom EDGE