Product Spotlight: Griddable

Robin Purohit, CEO


As enterprises embrace hybrid cloud as the new long-term reality, database architects need a simple approach to migrate enterprise data to the cloud, re-engineer for cloudfirst architectures, and ensure portability of data across multiple public clouds to avoid lock-in.

Griddable migrates and modernizes legacy data seamlessly across heterogeneous clouds and database types. The Griddable platform is a cloud-first product, providing data synchronization with scale up, scale out, high availability features out of the box. Most importantly, Griddable provides an automated user experience that requires nothing more than connecting the source and target databases to the grid. Once connected, Griddable automates schema copying, initial load, and subsequent change data capture in a continuous process that requires no user intervention.

Many use cases today require modernizing data to multiple targets simultaneously. Whether replacing a legacy Oracle database or re-architecting for microservices, the Griddable data pipeline efficiently synchronizes to multiple destinations with low latency while supporting data customizations at each destination.

The Griddable policy engine provides user-friendly controls for modernizing and transforming data in transit. Griddable masks or encrypts any number of individual data elements using separate masking algorithms or encryption keys. It also filters and replaces data values, or selectively removes entire rows or columns, with an easily-defined user policy. Using’s selective filtering and synchronization, cloud operators can accelerate movement of key data to best-fit platforms. Decisions regarding data placement can be made dynamically during production and adjusted to operational parameters.

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