Product Spotlight: IRI

David Friedland, SVP Voracity Data Management

Are You Using a Production Analytic Platform?

A what? A Production Analytic Platform is a modern data integration paradigm defined by Barry Devlin, PhD, which puts data processes on par with information in a post-data warehousing and data lake world. The Production Analytic Platform marries data preparation and presentation in design, and especially runtime, aspects, to join predictive analytics with production values and goals.

Devlin has identified IRI Voracity as that rare platform for fast data staging, governance, wrangling, and analytics. Powered by fast IRI CoSort or Hadoop engines and frontended in Eclipse, Voracity jobs can simultaneously combine data integration (transformation and consolidation) and governance (PII masking and cleansing) operations, and feed their results directly into myriad disparate targets (again, simultaneously).

Voracity targets range from custom detail and summary reports to data marts, spreadsheets, XML files, NoSQL collections, CI/CD test streams, message queues, S3 buckets, and third-party analytic engines for indexed searches, visual interpretation, and adaptive responses to that data … like Splunk.

The Voracity App for Splunk is an invocation and ingestion point for the simultaneous execution and use of Voracity jobs and their results. The app launches a selected Voracity job and automatically indexes its output in Splunk. From there, the data is ready to perform advanced analytics, populate visualizations, and trigger defined actions.

Heady stuff to be sure, but if you want extreme analytic efficiency and data security without years of custom programming, nothing less will do.

Integrate, Sanitize, Analyze, and Act on Data — All at Once

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