Product Spotlight: IRI Ripcurrent — Real Time DB Operations in Voracity

David Friedland, SVP & COO IRI, The CoSort Company

The IRI Voracity data management platform was first named a DBTA Trend Setting Product in 2018. Voracity combines data discovery, integration, migration, governance, and analytic functions using the back-end IRI CoSort data processing engine, and front-end IRI Workbench IDE built on Eclipse.

Last year DBTA recognized another innovation in Voracity: a multi-faceted module to generate, profile, migrate to, and prototype Data Vault 2.0 models. This year IRI has introduced another trendsetting facility in Voracity, called Ripcurrent, to manage changes in database column structure and content in real-time.

IRI Ripcurrent detects new, updated, or deleted rows–or changes to the structure of a table or schema–and automatically acts on that information in several possible ways, including:

1) Data Replication, to refresh test targets within the same or different database
2) Incremental Data Masking, using consistent functions based on data classes
3) Delta Reporting, where new data is compared to prior versions and analyzed
4) Notifications, of structural changes to the schema to trigger new search jobs, etc.

You can learn about Ripcurrent and how these automatic processes work, from a series of blog articles beginning with this one:

IRI, The CoSort Company