Product Spotlight: IRI, The CoSort Company

David Friedland SVP & COO IRI, The CoSort Company Voracity - Data Vault Generator

The IRI Voracity data management platform was first named a DBTA Trend Setting Product in 2018. Voracity combines data discovery, integration, migration, governance, and analytic functions that evolve through upgrades to both the back-end IRI CoSort 10.5 data processing engine, and front-end IRI Workbench IDE built on Eclipse.

One of the newest innovations in Voracity is a multi-option wizard to generate, profile, migrate to, and prototype Data Vault models. Dan Linstedt invented the Data Vault in the 1990s as a more modern, agile way to design and build scalable data warehouses, and to deliver enterprise analytics services.

Today’s Data Vault 2.0 (DV2) includes a reference architecture, development and operational processes, agile project delivery, automation, and continuous improvement. Voracity now includes an IRI Workbench wizard for DV2 users to create:

1) a new Data Definition Language (DDL) repository and Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for DV2 outputs;
2) the DDL for DV2 tables that do not exist, the Voracity job scripts to load data from existing RDB source tables into the new DV2 target tables, and the target tables’ ERD; or,
3) the DDL for DV2 tables that do not exist, new DV2 tables loaded with randomly (IRI RowGen)- generated test data, and their new ERD.

The Voracity generator respects the business key logic inherent in DV2 data models, and sets up all hub, link, and satellite tables. You can learn more about this wizard, and many more data integration and governance topics, at

IRI, The CoSort Company