Product Spotlight: Informatica

Lakshmi Randall Director of Platform Marketing at Informatica

Informatica offers the industry’s first, most comprehensive and most at-scale data management cloud. There are five key attributes of Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC).


  • Cloud native at scale,
  • AI native at scale,
  • Multi-cloud and multi-hybrid,
  • Low code and no code,
  • Designed with security and trust as design principles.

IDMC capabilities and advantages:

Breadth and depth—comprehensive, best-of-breed platform—offers critical data management capabilities enterprises need: data catalog, data integration, application integration and API management, master data management, 360 views, data and AI governance, and data privacy.

Cloud-native architecture—is built on cloud-first, microservices based API-driven foundation that is elastic and serverless.

Unified metadata foundation for data intelligence—provides a system of record for metadata and an enterprise knowledge graph, enabling our AI engine, CLAIRE, to deliver intelligence across multiple data management functions, resulting in enterprise-level understanding.

Autonomous and augmented data management—automates AI and ML-powered data management with CLAIRE, automating thousands of manual data management tasks.

Optimized Data processing engine—compute is optimized to support various data processing methods across hybrid and multi-cloud like ETL, ELT, data engineering, and more.

Common, integrated user experience tailored for multiple roles—Data management applications have pre-built integration, accelerators, and interoperability delivering intuitive and guided experience.

Operational efficiency—end to end orchestration of data and AI/ML model lifecycle with built-in DataOps, MLOps, and InfoSecOps.

IDMC Roles—delivers experiences for a broad set of enterprise roles including technical and business roles.