Product Spotlight: Innovative Routines International (IRI), The CoSort Company

David Friedland,

Innovative Routines International (IRI),The CoSort Company
IRI Voracity - Total Data Management

When you have an insatiable appetite for data, you have Voracity.

We’re grateful DBTA recognized IRI again in 2018, our 40th year processing big data worldwide with the CoSort utility! With now seamlessly interchangeable CoSort and Hadoop engines powering Voracity—our trend-setting data management platform—you design jobs once and deploy anywhere!

From just one pane of glass, built on Eclipse, Voracity users perform and consolidate:

  • Data Discovery: DB/file/document profiling, search, classification and ER diagrams
  • Data Integration: Fast ETL, change data capture, slowly changing dimensions, etc.
  • Data Migration: data type, file, and DB conversion, remapping and replication
  • Data Governance: PII masking, data quality, test data, metadata lineage and MDM
  • Analytics: 2D reports, BIRT and Splunk feeds, preparation for BI dashboards, cubes, etc.

If you are a DBA, DW/BI architect, data governance officer, developer, or data scientist, Voracity helps you work alone or in teams. Use any perspective or design method to build workflows. Share and secure workspace assets in Eclipse repositories like Git.

If you are a CFO, CEO, or IT Manager who cares about affordability, compare Voracity’s low opex and future-proof traits to legacy ETL suites, specialty software, and open source. Talk to us about your use cases in an online demo, or try Voracity yourself.

Stop waiting for ETL and analytic tools. Stop worrying about breaches. Stop overpaying.

IRI, The CoSort Company