Product Spotlight: KX

Steve Wilcockson, Product Marketing Lead, KX

For time-series applications—those that blend continuous time data with statistics, machine learning, and time-series functionality for big and fast data analytics use cases—traditional relational databases have been proven to fall short. Transformative time-series analytics brings optimal performance to use cases such as predictive health, machine monitoring, predictive maintenance, logistics optimization, payments analytics, trading, compliance, and risk management. The ability to easily join live streams and historical datasets around a common time format and instantly query them, means business outcomes are faster to come by, along with significant compute-efficiency derived cost savings.

Makers of kdb+, KX is built for the most efficient and highest performance time-series analytics delivering:

  • Blazingly fast analysis—With KX’s unique time-series-optimized “q” foundation, get 20 to 100x better performance than peer platforms which are encumbered by compute bloat.
  • Analytics to your data—Unlike data lakes or data warehouses, run analytics where your data resides, find value sooner, and save costs.
  • Data science and data engineering agility—Harness the unique power of the KX engine immediately from your Jupyter Notebooks, Python applications, and SQL queries. Improve time-to-value by an order of magnitude as you blend your best research with production workloads.

A capital markets exchange using KX records a “continuous stream of truth” mined every day in search of answers to new questions as they refine both their products and the operational processes used to deliver their products. A KX-enabled healthcare organization delivers real-time medical guidance halving their compute costs and achieving 10 to 100x performance improvement with low to near zero maintenance time. Used by every Tier 1 global investment bank as well as market-leading automotive, medical, healthcare, and manufacturing firms, and strategically partnered with Microsoft Azure for cloud-centric digital transformation, KX is your next vehicle to business advantage, differentiating performance and lower data costs.