Product Spotlight: Kore Technologies

Mark Dobransky,
Co-Founder and
Managing Partner

Kore Technologies

Kourier Integrator is Kore’s flagship solution for advanced Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI).

Organizations use Kourier to extend the value and functionality of their enterprise applications by creating data warehouses from disparate
data sources and through integration with best-in-class applications.

Software as a Service (SaaS) and mobile applications have increased demand for application integration. Message-based, near real-time integration is still used; however, the paradigm has shifted toward RESTful Web Services for real-time communication between disparate

Kourier Integrator Release 4.4 is designed to support this hybrid integration model. Using a “clicks not code” approach, developers are more productive using Kourier to create bidirectional REST integrations and data warehouses.

The REST Gateway is key for real-time integration because it enforces secure and rated access to application data. API Subscriptions (i.e., Webhooks) offer the most efficient way to notify external apps when data changes in the source database. Since an API is only as good as its documentation, Kourier automatically generates OpenAPI documentation (formerly Swagger) from REST resources ensuring documentation matches the code.

Data warehousing is still critical to many organizations and creating an enterprise data warehouse is much easier using Kourier’s Quick Start Workbench and data profiling tools. Kourier’s near real-time ETL engine (powered by Kore’s “Net Change” technology) is ideal for high-volume, multi-source implementations.

Kore strives to provide the most productive integration and data warehousing solution for MultiValue systems. By listening to the needs of our clients, we aspire to remain a trend-setting solution provider.

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