Product Spotlight: Kore Technologies

Mark Dobransky, Co-Founder and Managing Partner Kore Technologies

Kore’s clients, partners and VARs use Kourier Integrator to extend the value and functionality of their MultiValue systems by creating real-time integration with best-in-class applications such as CRM, eCommerce, service management, transportation logistics and more.

The speed of business continues to increase as do the expectations of end users. To ensure that data is always available and up-to-date, RESTful Web Services are the preferred technology for synchronous, real-time integration between applications.

Kourier REST continues to evolve and support these requirements by providing a comprehensive bi-directional real-time integration platform for MultiValue systems. You can create secure and scalable inbound REST APIs (REST as server) enabling third-party solutions to communicate with your MultiValue system. Build outbound integration with external best-in-class solution REST endpoints (REST as a client) using application connectors and template-based adaptors.

Kourier already includes powerful features such as a clicks-not-code development environment, a configurable REST Gateway, rate limiting, subscriptions, automatic Swagger documentation and more. The latest release of Kourier adds new trend-setting features too:

  • Automatically build, rebuild and maintain integration cross references between systems. This is critical to keeping all systems synchronized.
  • A searchable integration timeline maintains a history of events for the lifecycle of each record. View request and response messages to diagnose anomalies then pinpoint and resolve issues.

Application integration can be challenging. We endeavor to create software that makes it as easy as possible while helping developers to be more efficient and productive.

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Kore Technologies