Product Spotlight: Kore Technologies

Keith Lambert, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Kore Technologies

Kourier Integrator is our flagship product used by clients and partners for modernizing and extending the capabilities and value of their MultiValue ERP applications. This is accomplished through best-in-class application integration and data warehousing using Kourier’s advanced Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) capabilities.

The recent pandemic exposed weaknesses in the supply chain, forcing companies to look for new ways to improve processes, streamline operations, and reduce costs. Our clients are investing in more cloud-based and SaaS software integration for their ERP systems to address these issues. Key areas for improvement include inventory, warehouse management, distribution, service, transportation logistics, finance, and CRM systems.

To support our clients, Kore has developed Connectors using Kourier REST for popular applications such as: Tecsys WMS, ServiceTitan, Echo Logistics, Synchrogistics, SAP Concur, and Salesforce. Kourier REST provides a real-time integration platform for MultiValue that simplifies integration with these applications while maximizing security, data access, and enforcement of your ERP business rules.

“Clients are investing in more cloud-based and SaaS software integration.”

Kourier is cloud-ready and provides a single platform for your organization to use for inbound and outbound integration using RESTful Web Services. Integrate, share data, and take advantage of the unique functionality offered by third-party products using a clicks-not-code development environment with extensible architecture. Using Kourier, developers can deliver higher quality integrations with less effort.

The quest for tighter application integration continues. Our goal is to create trend-setting software that makes this as simple as possible.

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Kore Technologies