Product Spotlight: LicenseFortress

Michael Corey, Co-Founder

A well-documented fact by Gartner research is that software audits are on the rise and are revenue-driven. Today, corporate IT is stretched from on-premise to off-premise, from corporately managed to non-corporately managed, and technology deployment complexity is at an all-time high. Companies like Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM recognized that with this complexity, software audits are an easy way to generate additional revenue. It’s no longer a matter of “if” the vendor will audit your organization; it is a matter of “when.”

LicenseFortress was built by Oracle, VMware, and Amazon experts to deal with the complexity of deploying Oracle software in today’s world. LicenseFortress provides realtime monitoring and alerting of Oracle license compliance. LicenseFortress is so confident in its technology that with the Premier level subscription, it includes a money-backed compliance guarantee.

LicenseFortress is fully-integrated with many virtual and cloud environments, including VMware vSphere, Oracle VM Server for x86 and SPARC, and Amazon EC2 and RDS. The discovery of your virtualized infrastructure is automatic. LicenseFortress provides a full inventory of your Oracle database environment in just minutes. LicenseFortress enables your organization to know where Oracle software is running, and which features are being utilized throughout your environment.

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