Product Spotlight: LicenseFortress

Michael Corey Co-founder

LicenseFortress is proud to be featured three years in a row on DBTA’s trendsetting products list. We’ve had an exciting year, recently launching our 7th generation ArxPlatform—the SAM managed service offering the industry’s first and only financial guarantee.

“In the Roman Empire, Arx was the fortress commanding a city, central to the safety and defense against attacks. For LicenseFortress clients, the fortified ArxPlatform is the command center to ensure 7x24 optimization of software licenses from on-premise to the cloud and defend against software giants costly fines for license violations,” said Dr. Michael Corey, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of LicenseFortress.

As powerful as the ARXPlatform is, it’s just one of many components that make LicenseFortress unique today in the SAM managed service industry. Every license expert at LicenseFortress started their career as a serious technologist. Then we layer on license expertise to that skill set. In the last 20-years, many changes have happened to technology and its inherent capabilities. It now requires both technical and licensing expertise to ensure the client’s license usage is fully optimized. Furthermore, we leverage the legal duo, Beeman and Muchmore, who specialize in software licensing, on each engagement. This unique combination has enabled LicenseFortress to offer the industry's only financial guarantee. The results speak for themselves. A typical license compliance and optimization review from LicenseFortress costs a client roughly fifty-thousand dollars but saves $3.2 million dollars from mitigating license compliance issues.

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