Product Spotlight: Liquibase

Making database changes fast and safe is a trend that never goes out of style. Liquibase helps teams release software faster and safer by bringing the database change process into existing CI/CD automation. Without automation, CI/CD fails at the database.

Tedious manual database change reviews and deployments slow the pace of software releases. Liquibase delivers the repeatable process teams need to easily create, validate, trace, and audit database changes from development through production—reducing security risks and costly errors that often happen when manually making changes to the database.

Using Liquibase helps teams identify and resolve issues early in the process—when they are much cheaper and easier to fix.

  • Match the speed of app changes while keeping the database safe and compliant
  • Create, version, deploy, roll back, and track database changes throughout the CI/CD pipeline
  • Eliminate lengthy manual database change reviews
  • Empower developers to validate database code on-demand and within automation against predefined, customizable rules set by DBAs and security teams
  • Protect your database against malware and ransomware with database drift detection alerts
  • Provide all stakeholders with visibility into database changes for collaboration, troubleshooting, and auditing

Faster is now safer with Liquibase.