Product Spotlight: Melissa

Bud Walker, VP of Enterprise Sales & Strategy


Data flows into organizations from an array of sources, unstandardized and often in different formats—a headache for any DBA or data steward. Melissa offers a game-changing customer data validation platform that helps cleanse, validate and import data all in one centralized solution.

Unison by Melissa unites bestin-class data quality capabilities—address, name, phone and email verification; parsing; and geocoding—into a flagship UI that is fast and scalable, with no programming required. It now features the easiest data matching on the market. By combining a wizard-based interface, fuzzy match scoring and specialized AI, Unison determines the best approach for your deduping needs and makes it easy to tweak rules in real-time.

Unison supports Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and a variety of delimited flat files and scales to move accurate data quickly through enterprise pipelines, regardless of system or format. It harnesses powerful processing to quickly render large datasets clean and reliable at a blazing 50+ million records per hour.

Sensitive, personal records are always protected because Unison is an on-premise data processor, so data never leaves your organization. Administrators can choose to integrate Unison within their company’s LDAP system for pre-existing logins or create accounts with role-based capabilities so multiple secure users can collaborate on projects at once.

Never muddle through the laborious work of cleansing disparate data again. Instead, focus on deriving the insights and discoveries that will push your organization further toward reaching its goals. Schedule data cleansing routines all in one platform, so you can focus on what you do best and let Unison do the rest.

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