Product Spotlight: Melissa

Bud Walker VP of Strategy

Melissa provides data quality solutions that verify, standardize, enrich, and profile customer data to help organizations get the most out of their information. Our customers report dramatic ROI within the first 120 days of implementing our tools by reducing waste and fraud, connecting data across disparate channels to eliminate duplicate records, and building trusted information necessary for data-driven business decisions.

Melissa’s real-time verification tools like global address verification, phone verification, email verification and identity verification and flexible SaaS, Web API, and on-premise deployment models are customizable to every environment and any vision.

Melissa’s secret sauce is a proprietary address engine that validates, corrects, updates, and formats street addresses in over 240+ countries and territories. Melissa’s software is USPS CASS/DPV and Canada Post SERP certified, and we work with leading postal authorities including Royal Mail, Deutsche Post, Swiss Post, EIRCode, and SingPost to bring the highest levels of accuracy and coverage to our customers.

Melissa boasts many achievements in 2023 including the acquisition of Zipinfo and Global Z. The addition of these companies’ portfolios complements Melissa’s ZIP-Code-based-data products and global data services bureau.

Melissa is and has been your trusted partner for the better part of 40 years, providing concrete results for organizations looking to successfully handle the myriad challenges and complexities of global customer data. Streamline operations, reduce returned mail, enhance customer service and profiling, and improve marketing and sales efforts quickly and easily with Melissa in 120 days or less—Guaranteed!