Product Spotlight: Navicat

Navicat is a one-stop solution that offers everything you need to manage your databases including MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. It is a fast, reliable, and comprehensive purpose-built database development tool that simplifies database management and reduces administrative costs.

With Navicat, you can connect to any data sources you want, whether it’s relational databases or cloud servers. Navicat naturally fits into your daily database work routine.

[Schema Design] Navicat Object Designer provides you with easy and fast access that allows you to manage all the database objects like Table, View, Function, and more. It also makes it extremely easy to break down query writing into tabs through a convenient UI. It allows you to write complex SQL with greater confidence and accuracy at every step.

[Data Manipulation] Navicat comes with a wide set of tools for handling data. Using a spreadsheet-like editor allows you to see all your data with ease, making it easy to browse, sort, enter. and edit data directly.

[SQL Development] Navicat SQL Builder lets you quickly and confidently create queries simply by dragging and dropping fields. The convenient and fluent interface makes it easier to create relations, set filter criteria, and much more. Query scripting in SQL Editor is fast, code and error-free because you can simply pick the suggestions from the drop-down list and reduce repetitive typing.

[Model] Turn your databases into graphical representations to accelerate your data model design. You can quickly convert your model into conceptual, logical, and physical data models for a wide variety of business analysts and data administrators to support their strategic initiatives.

[Charts] Transform and present your data graphically for better and effective analysis.

[Automation] Configure and save batch jobs ahead of time to execute later. They can be scheduled to run automatically at a specific time and date.

[Collaboration] Share your projects with Navicat Collaboration so everyone on your team can create and edit files together in a trusted and secure environment. Whether you want a central space for your team like Navicat Cloud or manage your own Navicat Server on-premises, the choice is yours.

More than 50% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Navicat every day and over 180,000 registered customers have chosen our products. Navicat is trusted in its reliability. It gives you control over everything, from database design to data migration, and the visibility you need to support your database development. Navicat—new ways to build, manage, and maintain your databases.

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