Product Spotlight: Percona

Michael Coburn,
Product Manager
for Percona
Monitoring and

Percona Monitoring and Management

Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) is a free, open source database monitoring and performance optimization tool for MySQL and MongoDB. The PMM software builds upon other popular open source projects (for example, Grafana, Prometheus, and Consul) that are deployed in your environment on your equipment (not a SaaS) for maximum security and reliability.

PMM provides secure communications using SSL between clients and server. It has the following features:

Query Analytics (QAN) helps you optimize database performance by making sure that MySQL and MongoDB queries are executed as expected and within the shortest time possible. In case of problems, you can see which queries may be the cause and get detailed metrics for them. Visualize query characteristics such as:

  • Query response time, query count
  • Rows sent vs. rows examined
  • InnoDB operations: reads, waits
  • MySQL query plan information via EXPLAIN in table and JSON format so you can evaluate the level of optimization

The Metrics Monitor tool provides a historical view of metrics that are critical to a database server. Visualize activity over time, including:

  • System-level resources: CPU, Load, Memory
  • MySQL and MongoDB: Queries Per Second (QPS), replication, storage engine-specific (InnoDB, Wired- Tiger, MyRocks, RocksDB, MMAPv1, MyISAM, In-Memory, TokuDB, and Aria engines)

– ProxySQL overview
– Support for External Prometheus Exporters so you can graph any service in your application stack!

Supports Amazon RDS Performance Schema

Download your free copy of PMM at